Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotard № 145

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Air & Dynamic

Rhythmic gymnastis leotard № 145 — the perfect harmony of color and decor. A bright and warm combination of colors of the dress, will decorate a fragile slender figure. The costume emphasizes the movements of the gymnast and makes her more attractive.

The design is made so that the gymnast’s shoulders seem less visually.


The collar emphasize the graceful of long gymnast’s neck. The same decorative element, along with the sleeves — decorated with white lace, which demonstrate the tenderness and femininity of the gymnast.


Fully handmade

RG Leotard № 145 is hand-painted and glued with bright crystals. We hand-painted costume and created to convey the airiness to the product.

Hand-drawn flowers attract attention and distinguish the athlete against the background of others.


Back of the gymnastics leotard has a logical continuation of its front.

Thanks to the laconic design, the gymnast will look flawlessly
on the stages during her competitions.


Pink, white & mesh

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